Thursday, September 27, 2018

Carpet Water

Hurricane Florence has left us, but the damage this storm left behind is catastrophic to say the very least. Some people are still without power while others are working on getting back into their homes. It is a terrible tragedy, and the team at King’s Cleaning Solutions wants everyone to know they are in our thoughts during this time.

Water damage, no matter how much or little, is very difficult to deal with as a homeowner. The fibers and padding of a carpet quickly soak up as much moisture as possible, and removing the moisture is very difficult to say the least.

The type of water damage plays heavily into whether or not the carpet can be salvaged. Some water damage, such as from a leaky pipe in the home, is considered safe. Water from a major storm, however, is a different matter. This water is laden with bacteria and other potentially dangerous elements that may render the carpet and home unsafe. You will need a professional to come in and change your carpet and padding.

Meanwhile, we at King’s Cleaning Solutions do have a few suggestions to hold you over until we can get there to help you. Read on to see what we mean.

1. Get that carpet as dry as you can as much as you can – Drying carpet inhibits growth of mold and mildew. If you can, dry as much of the carpet as possible. Get fans blowing across the surface to help wick moisture away.

2. Avoid contact – Let the carpet dry as much as possible. Get as much furniture as you can out of the way. Walking on the carpet or allowing furniture to remain will hinder the drying process.

3. Call the professionals – You should have known by now as a faithful reader of our blog this was coming. Like always, we have the tools and gear to pull water up from the padding and dry the carpet even faster. We don’t want you to deal with wet carpet any more than necessary, so call us asap when you have water damage.