Saturday, February 27, 2021

Dryer Vent Cleaning

dryer vent cleaning

Kings has rung in the new year and decade and is already back hard at work for you making sure your needs are met in the home.  Cleaning is what we do, and we have lots of different ways and things we clean.  One of the newest services we offer is dryer vent cleaning.

Sure.  We know you clean the lint trap when you do your laundry drying.  Have you considered having the vents cleaned?  If you have not, here is why we recommend doing it.

1. Improved efficiency – Dryers work better when the air flow is unobstructed.  We clean out the lint and obstructions to make sure your dryer is at peak performance.  An overworked dryer will not only take longer to dry clothes, but the life of the appliance is shortened significantly.

2. Safety – Dryer lint is one of the most flammable substances in the home.  It does not require much to spark and catch fire.  In fact, most home fires start in the laundry room.  Keeping the vents clean protects your home from accidents like fire.

3. Carbon monoxide – Odorless, this gas can kill you.  The gas deprives the brain of oxygen, rendering you unconscious as you asphyxiate.  Gas dryers emit carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, but blocked vents can back the gas up into the home.  Early warning signs include dizziness and lightheadedness.  Commercial detectors are available and should be in the home if there is a gas dryer.

4. Critters – Small animals love lint for nesting.  Birds love it as well.  Homes and dryers do not like either taking residence.  Keep these both at a minimum with clean vents.

Lastly, we know there are many who will recommend you do this yourself and save the money.  We always recommend against doing this.  Kings has the tools, technicians and equipment to do the job right.  If there is a mistake, we have the insurance to cover it.  If you make the mistake, you are on the hook for it.

Call us today if you feel your dryer vents need a solid cleaning.