Monday, December 10, 2018

Reasons to Keep A Clean Workspace

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While having a tidy office is critical to creating a great first impression and increasing employee morale, there potentially could be some harmful germs lurking inside your employees’ workspaces which have to be addressed. Just because those germs are out of sight does not mean they ought to be ignored. Below we list some places your employees ought to be aware of, and consistently clean with disinfecting spray or wipes in order to avoid illness.


Telephones are teeming with bacteria and germs. Because telephones are held so close to someone’s mouth, it’s crucial that they’re regularly cleaned in order to prevent the spreading of germs from user to user. While cleaning telephones, do not simply clean its mouth piece, make certain that you clean the whole handset.

Computer Keyboards 

Computer keyboards are known for being covered in food residue and germs. Make certain to consistently unplug the keyboard, tap it on the back softly to remove all food debris that’s lodged between its keys then wipe it using a suitable cleaner.


A desktop is the perfect bacteria breeding ground. Foods, hands, and paperwork which have been spread around the work place all contaminate tops of desks with germs which could result in sickness. Week-to-week cleaning using disinfectant is going to keep the risk of getting ill at bay.

Chair Arms 

Not many folks give consideration to the arms of their chairs as something that needs to be cleaned. Just imagine how many times per day your hands touch the arms of your chairs, contaminating them with germs from the computer keyboard, phone, as well as desktop. While wiping other parts of their workspaces down, employees also ought to wipe their chairs down.

Having a less than amazing cleaning service might be costing your company thousands of dollars each year in sick days, as well as lost productivity. It’s vital that staff members take a little time every week to disinfect their personal workspaces, particularly within cold and flu season.

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